Euromedics Swiss

Who we are


We are specialized in the processing and storage of stem cells found in the blood and umbilical cord tissue for the purpose of future use in treatment of possible genetic diseases.

Taking into consideration strictly scientific criteria and specifications, in our company, we maintain the highest quality standards regarding transport, processing and safe storage of your baby’s stem cells.

The scientific staff of the company has extensive experience and training in the medical field and background in some of the largest clinics in Europe.

Our job? Rapid transport, proper treatment and the separation of stem cells, cooling and cryopreservation of the genetic material as well as the ABSOLUTE security of it.

All of us in EUROMEDICS SWISS, with exclusive dedication in the field of stem cells we support with all of our strength and knowledge, the correct maintenance of your child’s most precious genetic material. All that remains is, you to become too member of our family so to prove it to you in practice.


Our vision is to become globally the first and best choice for parents, physicians and partners.

The foremost and main concern of ours is to gain the trust of parents so to feel that they belong to a much bigger family which undertakes to protect the future of their children by preserving this precious gift of life.


The obligation we feel towards families who trust us, is the driving force to aim at increasing development and refinement of processing methods and cryopreservation of stem cells, which consequently will contribute to protecting the health and the quality of their children’s life.

Why Us?

EUROMEDICS SWISS, with a strong presence across Europe and laboratory in Romania, has the most qualified and fully trained staff of specialists and scientists involved in the processing and cryopreservation of two kinds of stem cells:

  • Hematopoietic Stem Cells: The stem cells obtained from umbilical cord blood.
  • Mesenchymal Stem Cells: The stem cells obtained from umbilical cord tissue.

Ensuring flawless execution of all the processing operations and storage of your child’s stem cells is for us very important. When you become a member of our family, you will feel how important your child is for all of us.

Parents Testimonials

More and more parents choose EUROMEDICS SWISS.


International Presence

Preserve your child’s stem cells in our laboratory in Romania.


EUROMEDICS SWISS is based in Switzerland, where the headquarters of our company are and has presence across Europe.
You can find our representatives in Romania, Italy, Spain.

In Bucharest you can find our ultramodern laboratory, where the processing and storage of stem cells is done.


Who may use my baby’s stem cells?
Stem cells may be used by your child, by the entire family or by relatives according to the compatibility degree. In case of “autologous” transplant, namely of using the cells by the baby itself, the compatibility is of 100%. The baby’s siblings have the chance of 1 to 4. The general compatibility percentage is bigger between related persons.


What are the advantages of stem cells from the umbilical blood compared to those from the bone marrow?
The stem cells from the umbilical blood may be considered a more suitable material of transplant than those from the bone marrow, because:

  • There is no risk for the donor.
  • They have a low risk of transmission of infections.
  • They may multiply without losing their dynamics.
  • They are very easy to obtain.
  • They have a ten times smaller possibility of occurrence of the post-transplant syndrome.
  • Cases of malignant disorders have not been notified so far.
  • They are 100% compatible for autologous use (by the baby itself).
  • They are easily, painlessly and fully safely sampled, compared to bone marrow cells, which are difficult to isolate and require special procedures.


For how long has the umbilical cord blood been used as a source of stem cells in view of transplant?
The first transplant of stem cells from the umbilical blood was made in 1988 in a boy from France, aged five, suffering from Fanconi anemia, with transplant from his new-born baby brother. This child is still living today and is very well.


What does the blood collection kit include?

The blood and tissue collection kit includes:

  • Materials necessary to collect umbilical blood
  • Materials necessary to collect umbilical cord tissue
  • Materials necessary to collect blood samples from the mother
  • The file with the informative documents and with the documents that must be filled in
  • Special transport box
  • Temperature logger to monitor the temperature inside the kit


Stem cells are able to divide even after decades?

Stem cells are cryopreserved at a temperature of -196 ° C and stored. The low temperature of the sample stops all biological processes, the cells can be stored for a long period of time. The oldest sample has stored 25 years, studies showing that the stem cells have not lost viability. Scientists say that if in 25 years stem cells have not lost viability, have undergone changes and biological processes were stopped, then they can have a life expectancy of a person, of the person from which It was harvested. This hypothesis was confirmed in the practical applications.