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The CONTRACT of cryopreservation signed with EUROMEDICS SWISS AG is a contract stipulated by parents directly, without intermediaries, with the company owning the laboratories and systems of biological cryopreservation. EUROMEDICS SWISS AG, in order to ensure the reliability over time to its customers, undertakes a contractual obligation to maintain the level of quality of the procedures used and the structure in which it operates, through instruments objectively reliable as international certifications.

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    Our contracts are based on two factors, these are quality and good pricing.

    We are dedicated in providing to our client the best possible quality of services in the best availiable price in the market.

    Value for money is very importand for us.

    Below you can find our price list for the availiable services:

    This package includes preservation of cells of the blood of the umbilical cord.
    20 Years  
    1400 Euro  
    This package includes preservation of tissue of the umbilical cord.
    20 Years  
    2004 Euro  
    This package includes preservation of cells of the blood of the umbilical cord and tissue of the umbilical cord.
    20 Years  
    2400 Euro  

    In the above charges is included the cost of the transport kit .

    The above charges include the processing , the cryopreservation, the cost of preservation according to the prearranged period of the contract that you have chosen.

    The deposit is given before the birth at the time the contract is signed and is the amount of 250 Euro.

    Analysis of the above costs:

    Deposit : Enrollment in the program and administrating expenses. Expenses of transportation of the blood or tissue or both with a certified transporter to our biological labs. This amount is not refundable and should be paid along with the signed contract.

    Collection Kit: The collection kits are not charged extra.

    Processing and Cryopreservation of the Cells of the blood of the umbilical cord or the Tissue of the imbilical cord or both:

    This charge is included in each different package accordingly.The cost of processing of the stemcells is appointed only after the succesful processing of them.


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