How to proceed

Guide step by step

Step One:

Contact EUROMEDICS SWISS at our international number: +41 43 818 5353 or at our local telephone numbers, depending on the country you live and request to send you the Collection Kit. Alternatively you can get in touch with the sales representative who is responsible for your area or send us an email at [email protected]

Moreover you can order the kit by filling out the form directly through our website. In fact you can make the whole contract through the website.

All you have to do is to fill up your details, put your signature and send the contract to EUROMEDICS SWISS either by mail or post office.

Step One: Contact
Step One: Contact

Step Two:
Collection kit

After you have completed the documents and before delivery, you will receive our collection kit enabling your doctor or midwife to collect the umbilical cord blood and/or cord tissue.
Make sure that you will take it with you at the maternity clinic and inform the medical staff of your chosen service.
Contact EUROMEDICS SWISS if you need any support.

Step Two: Collection kit
Step Two: Collection kit

Step Three:
Collection of the sample

The doctor or midwife, collects the blood of the umbilical cord and/or cord tissue after the safe delivery of your baby. He/She places the samples in the collection box seals it and completes the necessary identification forms. This whole process is completely safe for you and your baby because it does not affect the birth process at all. It starts after the birth and it only takes a few minutes.
Your samples are now ready for shipment.

Step Three: Collection of the sample
Step Three: Collection of the sample

Step Four:

After the whole process has been finished contact EUROMEDICS SWISS at our international phone number +41 43 818 5353 or in our local numbers according to your country.
The sample will be collected by a certified international courier service and immediately taken to our processing laboratories.

Step Four: Shipment
Step Four: Shipment

Step Five:
Processing and Storage

When the samples arrive at our exclusively collaborating laboratories recorded and each sample acquires its unique number (barcode) that follows it throughout the process. They are processed using a fully automated system without risk of contamination.

All the samples were tested and had successful results are prepared for storage procedure, which follows international protocols.

Step Five: Processing and Storage
Step Five: Processing and Storage

Step Six:

In a period of six weeks maximum, you receive the information of the processing results and the storage status of your sample.
Moreover, a Certificate will be issued with a unique number corresponding to your baby’s stem cells.
In case you need them for medical treatment, the stem cells will be available for release at any time.
Finally, these results and the certificate will be appointed on your personal account in our website where you can have all the valuable information for you and your baby.

Contact us if you need any support.

Step Six: Certificate
Step Six: Certificate



EUROMEDICS SWISS provides a range of services included in the price of cryopreservation:

  1. A compatibility test (HLA typing)
  2. Transportation of the cells at any transplant center
  3. The container for the transportation of the cells (DRY SHIPPER) in free loan.



EUROMEDICS SWISS provides the possibility to extend the duration of storage within the contract, without having to renegotiate the terms. At the end of 20 years of conservation, where the utility is scientifically proven, it will be possible to extend the contract period, continuing to pay the annual fee of cryopreservation. In this case the customer has the obligation to inform the company at least a month before the end of the contract.



EUROMEDICS SWISS follows the parents in the procedure required to obtain from the Ministry of Health the Authorization to export the cells and for all subsequent phases, from collection to preservation. We follow all the procedures and paperwork and release the sample to the hospital that is prearranged.


Our laboratories are fully equipped with high technology equipment. All processing stages are carried out in sterile conditions, in clean rooms, in compliance with ISO 9001:2015. In addition to this, our company has GMP accreditation and is in the process of getting ΑΑΒΒ Accreditation. All these accreditation guarantee excellence in quality, highest security, many levels of control and continuous improvement of the procedures. The laboratory’s medical staff uses single-use sterile protection equipment. The stem cells are separated from the other components of the umbilical blood by means of state-of-the-art separating devices. Samples are handled in special areas equipped with laminar flow hoods, guaranteeing maximum protection against infectious external agents.


The cells included in every sample are counted by special devices:

  • hematologic analyzer
  • flow cytometry


The microbiological inspection of samples is made by blood cultures in BactALERT automatic system.

Stem cells are cryogenized by gradual freezing devices such as ICE CUBE provided by SY-LAB. Samples are stored in storage tanks based on nitrogen vapors. The temperature in the storage tank and the ambient temperature are monitored automatically, the same as pressure and humidity, and the information may be accessed by our specialized staff online at any time (24 hours). The security and supervision system is made of video cameras and fire and flood detection sensors. The entire electrical and electronic equipment is supported by high-power UPS. It contributes to the ongoing and uninterrupted operation of all the activities carried out in the laborator. Thus, there is continuous surveillance in our laboratory so that we ensure that it works perfectly 24 hours a day.